Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome Nine!

Owh owh owhh!! its september already!!

First, HAPPY INDEPENDENT DAY to all Malaysian. Be proud and be thankful. Syukur~

Sorry i am a bit late. Havent update tru my laptop for a few days due to my broadband problem. But still managed to update via bb. Actually not really a big problem but i never paid monthly charges so they blocked my internet. sob sob sob. so ive been like cacing kepanasan when there's no internet connection. Even i still have my bb but it's different. the screen is too small..tak puas. ;)

I told husband, i want to have the internet connection back as soon as possible because i have assignment to be completed and i need internet to find some journals and information. But actually, i miss blogging. heee :D

I miss blog walking. Yeah, i still can update tru my bb but like i said, it's different! The moment i want to pay the bill, the salesgirl told me that the system down and they only can take debit card or credit card. hellooo!!! i thought cash is much easier! huh!! for two days, consequtively! the system down..and me like, aahhhh...grrrrrr!!!!!!

i think that girl memang tanak entertain me. huh!

humm..okayla. ill update later, k!

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zino said...

good excuse.. hehe

leeya said...

Hehe....tulaa uncle..kalo x hari2 mesti nk update..hehe


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