Saturday, February 11, 2012

it is awkward when..


it's almost 2 am in the morning. i cudnt sleep at all. Maybe i used to sleep late at night. There's something bothering me now. I feel awkward, weird when..

1) a friend of mine, pretty close since high school but never ever add me at facebook. Before this sharing fb with her husband and did not add me as a friend, but i didn't mind at all so add lah. But now i noticed her new account using real name so curious whyyyy laa she still don't want to add me. so i started to think negative and feel awkward. But i guess, it's okay if she still don't want to add me. But seriously i felt awkwaarddd.. what I did wrong to you ha?

2) hubby's office mate that I met occasionally loves to membebel to me non stop about what I suppose to do, what I shouldn't do at all and bla bla bla. I meant he talked about baby. He's old. Pangkat tok wan to aisy lah. Just now I went to stadium with hubby and aisy to watch football between perlis and ATM. So i stayed in 'bilik wartawan' lah..met him and others journalists also. Then he start membebel to me that I need to buy stroller, baby sling or carrier so it easy for me to carry aisy everywhere. I told him, I have all the stuff. Saja la malam tu tak bawak plus jenuh nak mengangkut stroller naik tangga. Plus I still able to carry aisy. Aku tak merungut ape pun tapi dia plak membebel NON STOP to me. haihhh...

when our first meeting dulu pon dia membebel itu ini kat aku. At first, aku terimalah..but now it felt awkward bila dengar dia membebel non stop. Bukan tak leh terima teguran, tapi cakap sekali sudah lah. I have all the stuff yang dia suruh beli tu. Tak rasional plak aku nak menghangkut stroller tu naik stadium kan? I just brought bantal dan towel aisy je. It's ok dia nak tegur dan bagi nasihat but seriously he talked non stop. not about aisy but other stuff too! Dok dalam bilik tu almost 2 hours, dia bercakap tak henti. oh actually, hubby left me inside the room dan merayau duduk luar sebab dia pon tak tahan dengar. hahaha...

3) some people/friends that used to be close suddenly became strangers just because we never meet after some time. I felt weird. Wondering. Not seeing each other but still contact tru facebook, twitter, etc. Tapi bila tak jumpa, jadi cam stranger walhal sebelum ni kamceng bukan main. why eh? But I believed that friends come and go. Only the real ones stay. Right? It's ok if I don't have lots of friends but I do have some close friends. I hope they stay forever. =)

That's all i guess ;)


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