Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012


Em..actually I've a lot to share on my previous entry but due to limited time I have right now so just a short update that I was able to publish. But let's talk bout this new year first.

So today is the first day of 2012. Suddenly I started to feel nervous bout this year. I'm not quite sure what are the reasons. But one thing I'm sure bout my study,my new semester is bout to begin soon. I need to decide now whether to proceed with project paper or CE/comprehensive examinations. Actually,last semester I decided to do project paper as I took this one class, which required me to do 3 chapter out of 5 about my project paper. But then,the topic I wrote about so complicated and caused me not so good result. So I'm afraid to proceed with the same topic again. Plus,with my supervisor style yang sangaatla strict where she wants her students to do project paper just like thesis. The different is just the page number. Hmm..I'm not sure if I can do well with project paper plus my friends having trouble to finish their own. Entahla ek..if I have a good topic to make a research then ill proceed with pp. If not maybe CE jelah.

Let's see my target for this year:

-finish my study either with CE or PP
-hope to get 4 for the semester grade
-be more and more patience,humble and cool
-do more ibadah,pray on time,sadakah,etc
-get a good job,insyaallah
-stay together as one family with hubby somewhere in kl or sel. Honestly I'm not ready to stay longer again in perlis. Hmm..ntahlah. Depends with ketentuan Allah.
-go umrah then euro trip maybe?hehe (if I'm working there would be soooo many travel plan..hehe)
-learn more bout cooking and baking. Take formal class like homemade chocolate that I did before.
-and of course be a good muslim,wife,daughter and mother..

About last year, so many things had happened. When I tried to remember one by one tetiba rasa sayu je hati. Hmm..quite challenging..

-early february I found out bout my pregnancy. It started when I was not feeling well then husband tanya nak pegi klinik or not which he told me masa tu dia just ajak-ajak ayam je. Coz he just came back from work around 1am. But then I said, jomla ke klinik. Haha..bila doc told us that I'm 5weeks preggy,cam xcaya coz one week before dah buat test sendiri but the result negative.

-then bermula sesi mabuk mabuk until I admitted to hospital. Masa tu early midnite,came back from muar. Almost 9days kena duduk kt wad bersalin tu. Suspected with so many deseases cam H1N1,tibi,etc coz I got 40 dgree of fever. Huhu..kena amik darah banyak n cucuk sana sini berlubang tangan. all that just my morning sickness.

-masa early march husband kena transfer balik perlis which masa tu still dalam wad. At first I was so cool and calm la kan..pastu dia buat ayat sedih trus hujan lebat.huhuhu..

-then after dah keluar hospital,bermula la my independent life as a student. Dengan sakit2 gagahkanlah diri ke morning sickness did not end until I delivered my baby.huhu..

-after finish my sem, I went back to perlis with hubby. Hmm..until around 8months I went back to my home to get ready to deliver.

-first day of raya still not with husband coz working on that day. Then second day husband went back. At that time I hope dapat beranak soon while he still with me. Takut nnt balik perlis lg kelam kabut. And I really hope dapat beranak on his birthday! And also at hospital sg buloh. I kept saying tak mau beranak kt tg krg due to my horror experience masa admitted back then. Skali btul xleh beranak after one day waited at hospital tg krg. Coz dah 37weeks so doc send me to sg buloh. Alhamdulillah.. :)

-im still not finish my story bout "kelahiran pertamaku" kan..hehe..mcm malu lak nak end that story.huhu

-after aisy ada,everything changed. Of course lah kan. Hehe.. Alhamdulillah..he is such a good baby.

Hmm..I guess that's all kot. Life with aisy I already mentioned in other entries. Others i hope will be just fine,insyaallah..

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